WSJ’s Henninger Unloads On ‘Sleazy’ Obama & Hillary’s ‘High-Class BS’ (Video)

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Daniel Henninger – Deputy Editorial Page Director, Wall Street Journal, Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist, and Fox News Contributor – joined Steve Malzberg on Newsmax TV Thursday to discuss the latest from the campaigns, ISIS, Obama & his latest opinion pieces: “Antiterrorism After Obama” and “John Kasich’s Art of the Deal.”

“She can talk a good game… She is going to have to be called out by the GOP nominee… I think Obama’s participation, for instance, dragging Cruz’s father into it is just sleazy. I mean it’s just kind of gutter politics. Can you imagine at this point in his presidency George W. Bush saying this sort of thing about Democrats running for the presidency? The thing that is so frustrating about Obama is he stands there acting so high-minded and moralistic and then he demeans then demeans the office of the presidency by this kind of assaults on Ted Cruz’s father. It’s very disturbing.

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