WTH? Obama’s Top Negotiator Says She Did NOT See Final “Side Deals” With Iran



Via The Hill:

The only Obama administration official to view confidential “side deals” between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) admitted Wednesday she and her team have only seen rough drafts.

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“I didn’t see the final documents. I saw the provisional documents, as did my experts,” said Wendy Sherman, a lead U.S. negotiator for the deal, said Wednesday at a Senate Banking Committee hearing.


Sherman, under secretary of State for political affairs, said she was only allowed to see the confidential deals “in the middle of the negotiation” when the IAEA “wanted to go over with some of our experts the technical details.”
She maintained the deals — which focus on with Iran’s prior work on a bomb and access to Iran’s Parchin military site — are still confidential and can’t be submitted to Congress.


She said the U.S. did not protest to the confidentiality of the agreements, despite the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act demanding all related agreements, because the administration wanted the IAEA to respect the confidentiality of their agreements with the U.S.


“We want to protect U.S. confidentiality…this is a safeguards protocol. The IAEA protects our confidential understandings…between the United States and the IAEA,” she said.


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