Yahoo News Writer Flees When Confronted By Dana Loesch Over ‘Threatening’ GoFundMe Inquiry

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Yahoo News Writer Flees When Confronted By Dana Loesch Over ‘Threatening’ GoFundMe Inquiry

“Hey @tynanwrites , want to do live TV interview now? Questions answered. We have your #.”
“@DLoesch no thanks.”


Yahoo News Columnist Dan Tynan, who labeled donors to the Memories Pizza GoFundMe fundraiser “homophobes”, ran from Dana Loesch Monday evening. Tynan was confronted online about his inquiry to GoFundMe ‘threatening to undermine the credibilty’ of Lawrence Billy Jones III, the man who set up the fundraiser along with Loesch and others associated with Loesch’s Blaze TV show.

$842,442 was raised in just a few days to help the beleaguered small business in Walkerton, Indiana after a gotcha interview went national over the owners said that while they would gladly serve gays they would not cater a gay wedding because of their religious beliefs. Memories Pizza was forced to temporarily shut down due to death threats and a threat to burn the business down.

The day after the Memories Pizza controversy exploded, Tynan insulted donors as “homophobes” in a tweet promoting a Yahoo News article by Daniel Bean about the Memories Pizza fundraiser.


Tynan wrote his in-depth article on the Memories Pizza controversy on Friday titled, “Memories Pizza vs. Gay Rights: the Fight That Ate the Internet [Updated]”

Early Monday evening Dana Loesch tweeted that GoFundMe had sent her an email saying Tynan had sent a ‘threatening’ inquiry.




Tynan responded via Twitter:



“@DLoesch @LawrenceBJones3 no, I was asking them to verify things larry told me on the phone this morning. can you pls help? thanks.”

“@CoFemale @DLoesch @LawrenceBJones3 nope. not true. never asked gofundme for any personal info about anyone.”

“@Andrew_McAdam @DLoesch getting the facts right is my goal. it would help greatly if dana/larry will allow gofundme to verify 2 things.”

[email protected] @DLoesch @Lawrencs3 yes, that was a joke. not a good one. but I am trying hard to be fair with my story.”

As of this writing, Tynan has not made further comments on his Twitter account about this matter since he declined Loesch’s offer of a live on air interview.

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