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Yet Again… The U.S. Has Been Played For A Fool By Iran Thanks To Obama!

Satellite images reveal Iranian military construction during peace talk.

While most of us saw the writing on the wall long ago, proof is continuing to mount that Iran, thanks to President Obama, has played the U.S. for a fool.

Satellite images of Iran’s Parchin Military Complex taken in July 2010 and then again in January 2016 reveal just how duplicitous that country is, and heap shame on the Obama administration for its reckless, irresponsible nuclear deal with the Islamic Republic. The following images show how the Iranian regime removed what Stratfor, an intelligence gathering and analyzing organization, describes as “potentially incriminating traces of activity at the site while talks were ongoing.”

The images also reveal how Iran “constructed an underground facility within the complex, where research and weapons development could be concealed.”

Iran statellite 2010


Stratfor explains the significance of the Parachin complex:

The Parchin military complex has long been a source of controversy within the context of the nuclear talks, largely because it is not strictly a nuclear facility and Tehran has consistently maintained that no nuclear weapons production has taken place there. Compared with the Iranian nuclear enrichment facilities that have been the talks’ primary focus, the Parchin complex has emphasized missile development and explosives testing. But according to the allegations of several independent observers, Iran tested a spherical explosive in the Parchin complex’s high explosive test building. Spherical converging detonations are typically used to initiate a nuclear reaction inside weaponized devices. Given the extensive activity that has taken place in this part of the complex since 2012, these allegations seem to be plausible.

Given the images gathered by Stratfor, Iran seems to have made a concerted effort to purge the site in 2012 — just as talks with the West were ramping up:

It removed layers of soil and foliage that could have contained evidence of its previous activities well before inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency arrived in September 2015, and covered large areas with concrete. Tehran also insisted that Iranian personnel, rather than IAEA experts, collect the test samples required for the inspection. However, the IAEA insists that this process was subject to rigid oversight, and the organization found no incriminating evidence against Iran during its visit to Parchin, though this was likely in part due to the recent renovations and the lack of equipment left in the high explosives test building. At the same time, Iran continued to develop the Parchin complex’s underground facilities, to which the IAEA observers did not gain access during their visit.

The list of Iran’s transgressions against the West, and as facilitators of terror worldwide are innumerable. The Iranians have taken signals of American weakness exemplified by President Barack Obama and Sec. of State John Kerry and used them to their full advantage time and time again. Not until the U.S. regains its standing in the world and retreats from the Obama administration’s ignominious foreign policy stances will the Islamic Republic’s nuclear ambitions even begin to curbed.

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