YOU Are Funding Election Campaigns For Democrats, No Matter What You Think


Democrats keep winning elections regardless of their obvious socialist and anti-freedom stance. But why? You will soon discover that the answer to this question is quite terrifying.

Planned Parenthood, the group responsible for donating selling baby body parts, is propped up with government funding. If we are being truly honest, we all know that the organization would not even be around if it weren’t for the money given to it by the government. They abort babies and rip apart the tiny bodies in the name of “choice.”

We all know this, but did you know that government funding to Planned Parenthood was in the amount of $540.6 million in 2013 alone? As a taxpayer, you are funding Planned Parenthood and their pro abortion tactics, but that isn’t all.

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Not only is the judge that prohibited the release of more anti-Planned Parenthood videos a staunch Obama supporter, he raised over $230,000 for democrat candidates including Barack Obama in 2012 when he was running for reelection. But that’s still not the worst part. After all that obnoxious money being spent to kill innocents, it gets worse.

Planned Parenthood donated around a half a million dollars to democrats seeking elections in 2014. So, let’s break this down now. We, as taxpayers, are extorted for our funds via the income tax. We have no say in how that money is spent and $540.6 million goes to Planned Parenthood, whether you like it or not. In return, Planned Parenthood spends approximately $500,000 to help get democrats elected over and over again.

That money came from us, the taxpayers. We are not only funding abortions, but the reelection of democrats that support the abortions and sale of baby body parts on a pseudo black market. More


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