You Thought It Couldn’t Get Worse? 5th Planned Parenthood Video Released

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A fifth undercover Planned Parenthood video has been released, and if you thought it couldn’t get any worse, you were gravely mistaken.

Like the four before it, this undercover operation also shows that Planned Parenthood does, in fact, sell harvested baby organs of slaughtered and aborted innocent humans. The worst part of the video is obviously seeing the tiny arm, along with other organs, laying in a bloody mess in a pan in a laboratory, but coming in at a close second is the fact that none of the persons involved in the abortion and sale of the baby organs have even an ounce of compassion. They discuss the little body parts the way normal people discuss a sock or a couch, and it is appalling.

This video was taken at the Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast in Houston, Texas, and it stars Melissa Farrell, the director of research at this facility. The video was filmed on April 9, 2015, and it is nothing short of disgusting. As the video progresses along its timeline, it is obvious that Planned Parenthood employs every method possible to obtain an “intact” baby for the harvesting of body parts, such as “orbits,” otherwise known as eyeballs. Farrell even uses the term “intact fetal cadavers” more than once.

It is time for a quick lesson. Planned Parenthood is contradicting themselves. The definition of ‘cadaver‘ is as follows:

Cadaver — (n) the dead body of a human being

Now that’s something, isn’t it? Don’t pro-choicers sit around trying to convince themselves and others that a fetus is not a baby and, therefore, not human? Well it looks like even the murderers at Planned Parenthood know that an aborted baby is a human. Hypocrite seems like too nice of a word to use for those that slaughter innocents.

Here is the video, and trust me, it speaks for itself. There is no compassion. There is no love. There is no discussion of saving lives or helping women. The only ones getting any help is Planned Parenthood for the sale of the tiny body parts of the little humans. Please beware that they show baby bodies cut up in this video, and it is extremely difficult to watch. More

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