Young Legal Russian Immigrant Starts A One-Woman Crusade To WAKE UP America

Rita-and-her-dadYoung Legal Russian Immigrant Starts A One-Woman Crusade To WAKE UP America…


Her family took the legal route, worked hard and took advantage of the opportunity offered in America. Givers not takers.


A young immigrant whose family had lived a subjugated life under communism is taking action and urging fellow Americans to wake up.


Rita Makrusina and her parents immigrated to the U.S. when Rita was 11-years-old.


“We did it 100 percent legally,” she told The College Fix.


Rita’s family had little money, and the spare earnings her parents did muster while living in Russia were spent on English lessons for their daughter. Her family knew a much better life awaited them within the wide wings of freedom that existed in America.


When the opportunity to come to the U.S. finally arrived they needed to borrow money from a friend to pay for the citizenship process.


“To us at the time, $2,000 was like $2 million. We did not have it all. We borrowed from a friend,” Rita said.


The small family moved into a hotel and her parents got busy starting their own businesses. As for Rita, she worked diligently at school and eventually earned a full scholarship to the University of Southern California.


“I am very grateful to this country to get a higher education,” Rita said. “I believe I am the perfect example of the American Dream.”


No doubt, it will likely be a lonely road for this young Californian who lives in a sea of liberalism – but every noble cause must begin somewhere.


Rita said she’s seeing the American Dream fleeting fast under the Obama administration. She believes that America is starting to resemble the communist country that is all too uncomfortably familiar to her family.[…]


Rita posted her petition to her Facebook page and admitted she has a ways to go in terms of support for her “wake up” event. Although according to The College Fix, she remains steadfast and unfazed.


Rita mentioned the family friend who had given them the money to come to America, has since passed away.


But not before Rita’s family fulfilled his one-and-only request in exchange for his generous contribution – he joined them for a barbeque in the family’s American backyard, with the “white picket fence” and everything.  More

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