Young Sex Slave Tries To Escape, So ISIS Makes A Gruesome Example Of Her

While the most powerful leader on earth cavorts around the golf course and assures us that he is doing everything in his means to fight ISIS by addressing global warming, millions of innocent civilians in the Middle East are being systematically raped, imprisoned, exiled, and slaughtered for their faith by Muslim fundamentalists.


Because of the brutality of Sharia law, many women and children are either begging Obama to bomb them, attempting to flee from their captors, or escaping their suffering by suicide and assisted suicide. The U.S. administration’s response? Flood the U.S. with the Muslim aggressors and leave the peaceful, suffering Christians to be exterminated in their homeland.

One of these young girls has now come forward after narrowly escaping ISIS, only to find that her battle for life and death is far from over.

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Activist Delal Sindy has faithfully recorded horrific accounts of sexual, physical, and mental abuse of ISIS sex slaves, bringing to light the case of 17-year-old “Suzan” and her nightmarish struggle of survival.

Suzan, a Kurdish Yezidi girl, was sold to an ISIS militant known as Al-Russiyah after her capture by the Islamic State, according to Rudaw.

He lined the three of us up naked every morning. He would then choose who he wanted for the day,” said Suzan, who added that the extremist would smell each of the young women.

When the leader had selected his favorite, the rest of the girls were distributed amongst his bodyguards.

Suzan was given to one of the bodyguards, but her treatment was so unbearable that she wished she had been selected by Al-Russiyah, who didn’t abuse his slaves as much. She recounted the many savage beatings she suffered, adding that it was always two men at a time who delivered the daily abuse.

“It was like choosing between death and death,” she said.

The Islamist leader kept the girls as sex slaves until he was killed alongside his men by Peshmerga forces in Shingal, Iraq.

Before she was sold to Al-Russiyah, however, Suzan was taken to a hotel in Mosul by the name of Galaxy, where countless other half-naked women and children were kept for potential Muslim owners to inspect and purchase.

“The day me and my 10-year-old sister were sold was the last day I saw my mother. I will never forget when she started crying and pulling her hair when they took us.”

She and dozens of other young girls were vigorously inspected to ensure their virginity. Then, it was off to market, displayed semi-nude in front of excited buyers.

“The virgins were taken to a room with 30-40 men. They lined us up and pointed who they wanted,” she said.


“I thought I might be lucky, I was not as beautiful as the others.”

However, Suzan’s idea of luck was far-fetched, as she was sold off to a man from Chechnya within the first 10 minutes. She soon realized that she would spend her young life as an asset of pleasure, being raped and tortured daily by her owner and his guards.

They forced me to say things from the Quran during the time they did their actions, and if I didn’t they whipped me.”

At one time, Suzan recalls the men scalding her thigh with boiling water because she refused to recite Quranic scripture before her rape. She was soon transferred to Al-Russiyah and his men in Shingal, seizing the opportunity to escape when all the men were killed in battle, but not every slave wanted a way out.

Suzan explained that some of the girls immediately ran back to ISIS, and the reason why is stomach-turning.

As Suzan said, “Another girl who tried to escaped had her legs cut off.”

Suzan managed to flee and has been running from her horrific past ever since.  More

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