YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK ➠ Obama Administration Is NOW FLYING Illegal Alien Children To US ➠ Video

YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK=> Obama Administration Is NOW FLYING Illegal Alien Children to US (VIDEO)

Obama Is Now FLYING Illegal Alien Children to US on Taxpayer Dime

A Country Without Borders–

fly illegals

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A new Obama administration program is FLYING illegal alien children to the US so they don’t have to make the trek on foot.

And you get to pay for it!

Millions of illegal alien children from Central America make qualify for the program.



And once the arrive in the US they children and families will qualify for free education, food stamps, medical expenses and living expenses.

expenses illegals.


Better yet, when State Department spokesperson Marie Harf was asked about the cost of the program she answered, “The pricetag? I don’t know.”

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