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Your Tax Dollars Paid For Boston Bomber’s Family’s Trip to U.S., Hotel, Lawyers & Security!

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Your Tax Dollars Paid for Boston Bomber’s Family’s Trip to U.S., Hotel, Lawyers and Security

Survivors of the Boston Marathon bombing are outraged after learning that the family of convicted bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was flown to the U.S., put up in a hotel and provided extensive security – all paid for with taxpayer dollars.

“Fox and Friends Weekend” broke down the numbers, and they are shocking.

Anna Kooiman reported that it cost $2,500 per person to fly to the U.S. from Amsterdam, $200 per person a night at the hotel, $100,000 for round the clock security, plus lawyer fees which are unclear.

“[This] shouldn’t surprise you because you’ve been paying for it since day one,” Tucker Carlson said. “Mrs. Tsarnaev was brought here along with her boys, the ones she claimed that were wronged, at your expense.”

“They claimed asylum and then they immediately went on welfare. They’ve been living at taxpayer expense on the dole all these years, and now their extended family is doing the same.”

Kooiman pointed out that the reason the federal government is spending all this money and going through all this trouble is to be sure that the appeals process does not happen over and over again.

The 12 jurors​ who found Tsarnaev guilty on all charges​ now have to decide whether ​he will be sentenced to death or life in prison. The verdict must be unanimous. A divided jury would result in a life sentence for Tsarnaev.

“They want to get it right the first time,” Kooiman said. “It’s unfortunate, though, what is the result.”

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