Youth Mob Forces St. Louis Zoo to Close Early ➠ Brawl Breaks Out!

zooYouth Mob Forces St. Louis Zoo to Close Early – Brawl Breaks Out at Delmar Loop


A large brawl broke out inside the St Louis Zoo on Sunday the 15th.

The zoo was forced to close early.

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FOX 2 reported:

The St. Louis Zoo shut down a couple of hours early Sunday. Police say there was a large number of teens in the area and a report of a fight breaking out.

Park rangers decided to close the zoo.


Sources told The Gateway Pundit that gang members were attacking pedestrians at the zoo and so they were forced to close early.

We are working on more details.

The gang members then went up to the Metro a mile or two away and another fight broke out.
One person was pushed on the train tracks.
stl zoo

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